It's an exciting time for a film junkie like me. It's never been so easy to have such a varied world of cinema at your fingertips, or so inexpensive. No longer are we bound by the limitations of the local cinema or the local video store—the internet has all we could ever want, and more. And yet, we struggle with making a choice from the bounty in front of us. I can't be alone in scrolling through the entirety of my queue, thinking how there's nothing that interests me at just that moment. Or coming to near-blows with friends when trying to figure out what to watch.

I've been kicking around GM for a few years, now—I came in by way of Lifehacker, then journeyed over to io9, Kotaku, and, ultimately, Jezebel. I've been a frequenter of those sites for a while, and only have started commenting actively in the past year or so, gaining authorship priveleges on Jez's side blog, Groupthink. I try to both lead and maintain lively discussion, as well as just lend a helping hand where it's needed. The community there, as seems to be the case with the other side blogs, is incredibly close-knit, and it's a joy to be a part of it.

My standards with regards to film have become more stringent over time, but I still enjoy a wide variety of genres. I also try to absorb the cinema from as many different cultures as possible. I think the most interesting stories come from some of the most out of the way places, and film is a great tool for providing a window to those parts of the world. I also believe that there is nothing wrong with using film for pure entertainment value, and have "Zoolander" on my queue right next to "Wild China".

Film is malleable. It can be small and honest, or big and bombastic. And there's nothing wrong with either. It's a gateway to many things, and I'd relish the chance to be one of the ones guiding passage among them.